Worm In Heaven, Protomartyr


Protomartyr a anunțat săptămâna aceasta că amână lansarea noului album, Ultimate Success Today, care ar fi trebuit să apară pe 29 mai, până pe 17 iulie.

Însă, au folosit această ocazie și pentru a prezenta un nou single, Worm In Heaven, însoțit de un video realizat de Trevor Noad.

I’d been experimenting with shooting multiples of still photographs and stitching them together so that there’s subtle movement. Almost like a 3-D camera effect, but awkward and sort of unsettling — like looking at a photograph under shallow water. I shot upwards of 700 still frames on a Nikon F Photomic camera. I embraced the lines and artifacts from the film scans, which give a sort of Xerox quality to some of the images. All the special effects were done in-camera using mirrors, projectors and magnifying glasses.

Trevor Noad